Criteria for evaluation

Since 1988 Switzerland’s car-free resorts in the “GaST” have been striving to maintain a high level of service whilst conserving the environment.  The following points are of utmost importance:


  • All guests are advised to travel by public transport. All the car-free tourist resorts in Switzerland are easily accessible by public transport.


  • Guests profit from the high quality of the air and the privilege and freedom of being able to move around the village safely. We are committed to keeping the roads largely free of traffic. It is this policy which is the basis for creating a relaxed holiday atmosphere and giving the village a romantic character without the stress of motorised traffic.
  • We are in favour of restricting mobility within the villages. The number of permits granted for combustion engines is kept to an absolute minimum.
  • We promote the freedom to move about in a natural environment in all the car-free resorts. The car-free environment itself therefore itself becomes a recreational space for the guest, who can relax and let his senses take in all the different impressions.

Why not make a car-free environment your next holiday experience?